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Comprehensive Consulting Services

We offer a full range of services to help your organization learn to more effectively pursue and achieve its goals. As with everything we do, we bring years of experience and a history of proven results to bear on helping you develop the best solutions for your unique challenges.

While information is important to success, knowing how to put knowledge to practical use is the ultimate key. We use modeling, role-playing, observing and other hands-on experiences to develop core skills; that is the difference we offer. You learn through taking an active role in the collaborative educational process.

Services include:

Capacity Assessment - Takes an honest look at where you are today and what you can accomplish tomorrow. A capacity assessment will typically include;
1. Key Personnel and Constituent Interviews
To develop an understanding of the knowledge base, the individuals, and the experiences that your organization has to build on.
2. A Tactical Assessment
To evaluate your current processes and see what works and what doesn’t, and identify the key areas for action including Capital Campaign Feasibility Assessment and Potential Funding Assessment.
3. A Strategic Growth Plan
Specific recommendation developed with your unique goals, capacities and competencies in mind.
4. An Assessment Report Presentation
Where we pull together everything we’ve learned and present it to your team in an understandable, actionable format.

Strategic Growth Plan Implementation - To translate plans into action choose between the Gold or all inclusive Platinum Plan that will typically include:
1. Coordinated Strategic Growth Plan Installation 
To weave all the elements seamlessly together to ensure that your teams are communicating, collaborating and on track.
2. Individual Performance Coaching 
To help your key personnel maximize their effectiveness.
3. CEO Training
To give your leadership the knowledge, ideas and deeper understanding of how to get the most from your advancement and development efforts.
4. Consultant On-Site Time 
Tailored to fit your needs. We partner with your team to maximize accountability and give you the feedback and understanding to move ahead as intelligently as possible.
5. Weekly Accountability Web Wrap-Ups 
To help you manage the details and keep your team focused.

Skill Coaching 

Skill Coaching is a form of accelerated learning that supports and facilitates enhanced performance. The coach applies specific principles of success in a way that creates experiential learning that translates great ideas into actual skills.

Experiential learning is the process of making meaning from direct experience, i.e., "learning from experience"  and reflecting on that experience. 

Experiential activities are among the most powerful teaching and learning tools available. The experience can be staged or left open. Experiential learning requires an "intention to learn" and an "active phase of learning".

How does skill coaching work?

1. Listening and understanding is the coaches first and most important duty. Conversations between the coach and coachee lead to a full understanding of the coachee's skill needs and environment. Then specific, agreed upon goals are established.
2. The coach will determine, modify and share specific successful principles tailored to the coachee's needs and environment.
3. The coachee uses the coach's recommendations. The actions and results are reflected upon by the coachee and shared with the coach.
4. The coach and coachee debrief the event or events, evaluate and determine next steps.

Typical Skill Coaching Engagement

=> Coaching engagements typically begin with a 6 month agreement that can be extended, in 3 month increments, as determined by the client.
=> 75% of all coaching engagements last 9 months or less. 
=> Generally, fees for coaching engagements are a monthly retainer that is based on an hourly rate coupled with an estimate of the monthly hours required.
=> Typical coaching interaction is 4-6 hours per month.



Exceptional Training

We believe in professionalism and ethical standards in fund development. For these reasons we offer high qualitydonor centered learning modules designed to exhibit professionalism and promote the ethical standards in the Donor Bill of Rights

Each organization is different. Some need training in basic concepts of fundraising and others seek specific BIG Gift skills. Some organizations are ready for in depth teaching, training and coaching of key staff. You can choose from individual or bundled modules to fit your specific needs.

    Individual Learning Modules - stand alone trainings allowing for a'la carte module selection
    Bundled Learning Modules - modules bundled to provide broader, in-depth understanding

Strategic Coaching 
of Philanthropy 

We are different from "the others."  You are not attending a webinar or seminar with a bunch of people you don't know. We don't train, wish you luck, and turn you loose. 

We will be beside you every step of the way; training, guiding understanding, and implementation. 

A non-intrusive, steadying force offering affirmation and support as you "make what you have learned yours." 

Regardless of the module(s) chosen, you will enjoy the 6 Key Points that makes us different from "the others." 
  1.     Quality instruction and content
  2.     Site license - 1 connection for your location. (Yes, more than 1 person can be trained at no extra cost.)
  3.     Training materials (Yes! digitial training materials can be printed and distributed within your organization)
  4.     Never "lumped in" others (Yes! We will be working only with you - 100% focus on your learning experience)
  5.     Phone support for 1 year (Yes! Call, we will help you with implementation related to your learning module(s) 
  6.      The Plus One Guarantee (Yes! If you are not pleased with your learning module-let us know. *See policies)
Since 2007 we have provided quality online development training. As technology has grown and changed - so have we! Our learning modules seek to close the "online-distance gap" by providing quality content and instruction utilizing a variety of methods that can include:
  • Live Audio interaction
  • PowerPoint slides
  • Video clips
  • Polling / Testing for understanding
  • Visable live presenter
  • Workbooks and note guides

Please accept our invitation to take a FREE, no obligation Test Drive. It's the only way to know if online training is for you! No, really - it is FREE!

Click here for more information on test driving a training session absolutely FREE!

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