All About Public Webinars

Since 2007 we have provided quality online development training. As technology has grown and changed - so have we! Our learning modules seek to close the "online-distance gap" by providing quality content and instruction utilizing a variety of methods that can include:
  • Live Audio interaction
  • PowerPoint slides
  • Video clips
  • Polling / Testing for understanding
  • Visable live presenter
  • Digital handouts
We believe in professionalism and ethical standards in fund development. It's for these reasons that we offer high qualitydonor centered learning modules designed to exhibit professionalism and promote the ethical standards in the Donor Bill of Rights.

The Strategic Coaching of Philanthropy Difference 

We are different from"the others."  We don't train, wish you luck, and turn you lose. The primary registrant will receive 2 months of personal skill coaching. We will be beside you every step of the way; training, guiding, and supporting. A non-intrusive, steadying force offering affirmation and suggestions as you make what you have learned "yours." 

Regardless of the module(s) chosen, you will enjoy the 5 Key Points that makes us different from "the others." 
  1.     Quality instruction and content
  2.     Site license - 1 connection for your location. (Yes, more than 1 person can be trained at no extra cost.)
  3.     Digital handouts (Yes! digitial training materials can be printed and distributed within your organization)
  4.     2 Months of Skill Coaching (Yes! Call, we will help you with implementation related to your learning module(s) 
  5.      The Plus One Guarantee (Yes! If you are not pleased with your learning module-let us know. *See policies)