Helpful Resources and a few things just for fun! They are free for you to use. The author, when known, is credited - I                                                hope that you will continue to credit them as well. 

The Free Management Library is a website that contains tons of nonprofit and fundraising samples, examples and "how to's." Whether you need a new idea or just a little help getting started - Free Management Library is a great place to start!

A 34 page Ebook that distills moves management down to most basic and understandable essence. It's a quick, quirky read with large print and plenty of graphics to help explain the process. 

Nonprofit Webinars offers free professional development opportunities for nonprofit professionals and trustees!

Nonprofit Webinars, a service of Good Done Great, hosts three free webinars each week covering all aspects of nonprofit strategy, planning, governance, management, advancement and organizational development. Presenters are experts in their fields from all across the U.S. Attendees (from all 50 states and 6 continents) often return for more, and report that these webinars are the best they have seen, free or not.

Webinars are offered throughout the year, with Tech Tuesdays focusing on software and technology that can help your organization be successful, and Wednesday Webinars covering just about every other topic you can imagine.  Go to to view all upcoming webinars and register there for free!

When registering for a webinar, please mention GPB Associates LLC!